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Java Log Viewer (JLogViewer)

  1. JLogViewer
    1. What is JLogViewer
    2. Requisites
    3. Features
      1. Log records highlighting
      2. Sort
      3. Visibility
      4. Filter
      5. Autorefresh
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What is JLogViewer

JLogViewer is a lightweight pure java graphical application to easily view and  manage log files generated by  the "java.util.logging" package. So far it can handle only  file formatted with the "XMLFormatter" class.


JLogViewer run on java 1.4.2 and next versions.


Log records highlighting

Log records are highlighted accoding to the log level. A  preference dialog is available in order to change colours.


Log records can be easily sorted  by clicking on the column header of the field you want use to sort.


Log record fields can be hidden by right clicking on the column header and selecting "Hide"  or visibility properties.


By right clicking on every column header and selecting "Search"


Automatic refresh on new record insertion is provided. Automatic refresh interval is configurable via "Edit->Preference" menù or via the button on the toolbar project page

Visit the project page at Logo